Church Event Procedures

It is our desire that the property and facility that God has entrusted to us be used to serve the cause of Jesus Christ, His people, our neighbors, and our community. We value strong youth and children's ministries in the church and community, and we will give a high priority to their building use needs. We want these properties and facilities to experience maximum use for the greatest service according to our mission statement.

The procedure set forth below will enable members to request use of the facility in a manner that ensures the time and date that they desire.

Use of Facility

  • The use of facilities, grounds, and equipment shall be confined to Christian organizations, educational and social service agencies, and other character building functions whose work is in harmony with the purpose and mission of Saint John Baptist Church.
  • First Priority Activities: Activities sponsored by the church - Events planned by its members primarily for the congregation or for outreach.
  • Second Priority Activities: Saint John Baptist Church Member - Sponsored Activities planned by members of the congregation, but not planned primarily for the people of the church.
  • Third Priority Activities: Other Churches' and Christian Organization's - Christian activities planned by and for the participants of other Christian Churches or organizations.
  • Fourth Priority Activities: Community Services Activities involving no specific Christian affiliation, but which do not conflict with the principles of Saint John Baptist Church's Mission and Covenant.

General Facility Use Guidelines?

Respect for Facility:

  • The church facility should be treated with respect at all times and every effort made to leave it in as good or better shape than it was found.

Partisan Political Events:

  • To preserve our tax-exempt status, no partisan political events will be scheduled.

Revenue Generating Events:

  • Revenue generating events shall be discouraged unless they benefit or are in the best interest of the ministry of Saint John Baptist Church.

Commercial Activities:

  • No commercial activities will be allowed.

Use of Sound & Light Equipment

  • Saint John Baptist Church-owned sound and light equipment will only be used by a Saint John Baptist Church trained technician, with prior arrangements as designated on the Facilities Use form.

Organ and Piano Use:

    Use of these instruments must be scheduled through a designated worship team staff member.

Gambling & Addictive Substances:

  • Gambling or the use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco is not permitted anywhere on church property.

Facility Event Supervision:

  • All facility use activities must be well supervised in order to ensure participant safety and proper treatment and care of the facility.
  • The individual named on the Facilities Use form will be responsible for proper behavior of the group, care of the facilities, and for lock-up of the facility if needed.
  • Priority groups three and four are required to have a custodian in the facility during activities.
  • The custodian will be responsible to ensure proper care and security of the facility.


  • Safety and respect for the facility are very important.
  • Running and rowdy activity is not appropriate in the sanctuary, hallways, offices, and classrooms unless part of an organized and approved activity.
  • Activities that may be potentially harmful or unsafe are also not allowed (i.e. standing on tables) and exit signs must remain visible at all times.
  • Capacity limits for each room must be followed in order to comply with fire code.

Tape, Tacks and Nails:

  • Tape, tacks, nails, or other penetrating objects are not to be used on walls or woodwork anywhere in the building. Also,
  • Duct Tape is hard on carpet and should not be used.


  • The only animals allowed inside the facilities are service animals.

Use of the Kitchen:

  • Our kitchen facilities are commercial grade.
  • Due to governmental regulations, food service at a public event are subject to the health code requirements and may require a temporary food service permit that will need to be obtained by the renter or their caterer.
  • Church dinners, weddings, family reunions or other private events that are attended by invitation, are for members only or are not advertised are not construed as public events.
  • Private events do not require a temporary food service permit.

Facility Lock-up and Security:

  • A Facility Lock-up and Security checklist will be provide to the identified responsible person at the time of application approval.
  • A custodian or other authorized church representative must be present and responsible for securing the building for all priority 3 and 4 activities.

Scheduling Procedures

Policies, procedures, and guidelines are administered by the Board of Trustees of the Church in conjunction with the Business Manager and the Secretary.
  • Facilities are available based on the priorities listed previously.
  • All requests for facility use must be submitted on a "Facility Use Request" form before final approval. This form may be obtained from the church or downloaded from this website.
  • The completed form is then returned to the church office.
  • The application will be promptly reviewed by the designated church personnel.
  • The applicant will then be informed of the decision. The date on which the form is received will establish the priority.